Pool Booking

All public swims must now be pre-booked. The schedule for this can be found down below.

There is now a time limit on sessions, all sessions are for 50 minutes. Start and finish times are staggered to avoid overcrowding at reception and in the changing rooms.

To purchase any of the 10 tickets, at the top of the box below, there is a section which says Schedule and Class Passes. Click the Class Passes area and keep booking from there.

To change the day of your booking, please click where it says “From (Current Date)” and select the day you would like to book for. Please note you can only book up to a week in advance.

Swimming Pool Booking


Cancellation Policy 

You can cancel your session up to 12 hours before it starts.

If you have a pass for 10 sessions, your session will be returned. If you bought a single ticket then when cancelling there will be an option to transfer onto any other swim during the next 7 days. This can only be transferred once.

If the above options do not suit your situation, please email dan@lowerwickswimmingpool.co.uk to arrange an alternative solution.